Adaptive Mouse for Longterm Comfort 

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Navee, the most ergonomic yet powerful mouse that feels like an extension of your hand.

An Revolutionary Ergonomic Design

Looking out for your health, our designers created the most ergonomically designed mouse for comfort as well as a preventative measure for carpal tunnels. Instead of the conventional horizontal design, the Delux mouse is vertical to relieve wrist pains and can be fully customizable with up to 20 degrees to best adjust to your palm.

An New Alternative to Scrolling

Unlike the traditional way of scrolling the wheel, the Delux Navee comes with a circular dial that is easily accessible by your fingers and thumb. If you are using a Windows interface, the dial can even be programmed to perform a shortcut. An extra bonus! It even has RGB lights!

High Performing and Adaptive Technology Features

Customize it from the angle to the optical sensor system to best suit your needs. We have equipped it with up to 4000 DPI and 4 adjustable levels: 600-1200-1600-4000. 

The Delux mouse is crafted with a layer of fine matte plastic, polished rubberized ABS, and excellent built-in grips to let you have full precise control. 

The Feel of the Mouse

Easily customize up to 6 shortcuts right on the mouse when connected to a Windows interface. As for MACs, easily switch between all your pages with a single touch on the sides of the mouse.

Customizable 6 Shortcuts

Highly Compatible with OS

Connect in Three Methods

Revolution:  From Zero to Navee

  • Delux has more than 24 years of experience in computer peripheral products and the R&D, manufacturing, sales, and AI product service experience.
  • As a expert in ergonomic vertical mouse and keyboard, Delux has developed a sound number of vertical mouses.
  • Navee is crafted from an experienced team of specialist.


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